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Ahan Casting Technology is a company headquartered in China, which provides a bridge between Asia and Europe with a focus on foundry technology, support (service). AHAN Casting Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a Company which own capital of 1,5 Million USD that conducts research, development, solutions and trading in an international level aimed at the top high-tech in the field of foundry industry.

In this context, foundry-specific solutions are offered along the process chain, from design to the finished end product focusing on gray, ductile and vermicular iron.  The main business is the research and development of new alloys with improved mechanical properties to expand the application range of rare earths. The ultimate goal is to develop new brands and patents to create a great competitive advantage.

In addition to supplying customers with high quality foundry products, we will provide our clients technical services, integrated solutions and management consulting. Qualified audits and assessments are used to identify weaknesses and develop tailor-made solutions. Our services also include international mediation between foundry suppliers, foundries and foundry customers.

The AHAN Casting Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., is involved in various projects in China to promote innovation and technology development. For research purposes, we assume the task of mediation between European and Chinese companies with the aim of promoting innovation. Our range of services is supplemented by international cooperation partners as well as R & D & I institutes.